Zelda Graduates Preschool

Zelda is growing up. She’s going to Kindergarten. For many of you, going to Kinder isn’t a big deal but it is for me. My little girl is getting bigger and I can’t stop that. I love her so much and even though the world isn’t okay right now, I think we should still celebrate achievements. If Covid-19 wasn’t happening, I would have definitely made a small party for her. This past school year I have seen so much growth from her and I needed to celebrate that. We stayed home, I decorated a little, and had a little fun. It was worth it because she was smiling and she kept saying how happy she is going to Kindergarten.

These past 3 months have been so unexpected, scary, and stressful. Zelda took it fairly well and she understands why she couldn’t go back to school. I tried teaching her at home but honestly it’s hard. Teachers are amazing and I love her teacher so much. Link will be starting preschool with the same teacher so I’m happy.

I’m a little nervous since Zelda will be starting in a new school with a new teacher but I’m optimistic. I’m positive she’s going to be fine and she’s going to like Kindergarten. She’s a smart little girl.

Congratulations Zelda

Mommy will always be there and I love you

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