Closet Cosplay: Android 18

My hair is growing out and I can’t help but notice that it looks similar to an anime character. So I thought, “why not dress up as her since I technically have everything”. So I did a little cosplay session and show my love for Android 18 from the DragonBall Z series.

Growing up, I watched DragonBall Z because my cousins liked it. But I slowly fell in love with the series. My favorite saga was the Cell Saga. Android 17 and 18 were pretty badass and I found the tournament that Cell created enjoyable.Years past and I forgot about the anime but then DragonBall Super came out and I fell in love with the series again.

Android 18 is such a cool character. She’s quiet and almost serious but she’s strong, stands up for herself and others, and is loving in her own way. Honestly, I felt pretty cool dressed up as her.


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