Staying Safe and Positive

I woke up to the news of no school till May 1st. It’s mind-boggling really. I mean from a kid’s point of view it sounds awesome but as a parent, I don’t want my kid to fall behind on her studies. Learning the basics is very important so I woke up with a plan. Let’s see how it goes but I’m trying and todays session went well. Zelda learned about measurements with the help of measuring cups and spoons. I think kids learn better with visuals and projects so I took out my baking cups and spoons and a glass jar with the ounces marked on it. We spilled a little bit of water but it made learning fun.

We’re keeping busy and not going out. I try not to tune in to the news as much because then I start to worry. I’m staying positive, clean, and safe.

Try to keep busy at home by either rearranging and decluttering a room or a closet or kitchen. We all have a certain area in your home that’s just a mess and now is the perfect time to tackle it. Start a journal and write or a blog like myself. Reach out to friends and FaceTime each other. It’s really fun and I’ve done it a couple of times already. If you’re into video games, put in the hours and pass it (Legend of Zelda:Breath of the Wild😅) or binge watch on a show you’ve been meaning to watch. If you’re stuck at home with friends or family, play board games. I recently ordered one online so I’m excited to get it. It’s also a great time to learn new recipes. If you have a backyard, start a garden and plant vegetables or tend to the plants and flowers. It’s therapeutic. 

Be positive and safe people. It’s scary what going on but don’t let it consume your thoughts all day. Keep busy and catch up on things, it’s the perfect time. I have a big list so I’m slowing going thru it.

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