Treat yourself

As a girl, it should be a common thing. I don’t really do it though. I mostly put everyone first and then me. The one time I decided to treat myself, I blew it. Still paying for it.

Moving on, I should still treat myself. Simple stuff.

Yesterday while browsing the store, I saw these pink tulips. I took a quick glance and moved on but I kept thinking about them. I couldn’t shake off the feeling so I went back and bought them.

I never buy flowers for myself. When I do though, it’s to plant them in the backyard. I never really understood why anyone would like a bouquet of flowers which will wilt and eventually die. I rather buy a pot of flowers so it would keep growing and never have to die.

So why did I buy these pink tulips knowing that they’re going to die eventually?

I bought them because looking at them made me happy. Having them around gave me a feeling of peace, and because tulips are my favorite flowers. My husband has given me flowers in the past, but honestly, it would mostly be on a holiday or my birthday. Only one time it was spontaneous and it brought a smile to my face.

So I treated myself to flowers because they made me truly smile. It wasn’t a holiday or my birthday. Just a normal gloomy day. Something so simple brighten up my mood. So treat yourself. Doesn’t have to be big. Or go big! As long as it makes you happy.

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