What fun this year was. It’s bittersweet since next year, two of my close friends will not be here anymore since they’re moving out of state. We kept that in the back of our minds and just enjoyed the moment making happy memories.

The attire was pj’s and I’m so glad since I wanted to be comfy after a long day of work. I did my makeup so I wouldn’t look so dead. I was feeling the look.

My friend bought 11 tall cans of various alcoholic drinks and we wrapped them up and mixed them around. We all picked one randomly and had to finish it before we started our White Elephant and Secret Santa. Nobody got what they wanted.

White Elephant was so much fun. There was definitely some stealing going on. I usually stick to whatever gift there is left to be picked but I thought my friend’s gift was so cute. I stole it and it was worth it.

Our Secret Santa was packed with lots of laughs as well. We agreed on a budget of $50 but nobody really kept that in mind. All the gifts were well above that. I knew mine was. I would have been happy with just the books but my friend went all out. I’m so thankful.

It was a fun night and one I won’t forget. Merry Friendsmas=^.^=

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