NorCal Roadtrip🚘 5th and Last Stop: Ashland, Oregon

The moment we entered Oregon, it was just a gloomy paradise. It was either rain or snow and I was perfectly okay with it. As we got ready in the morning, we were still debating if we should keep traveling north. We could have done it but I was a little worried on the weather conditions. We decided to start heading south. Our road trip was packed with adventure and honestly, I was missing my bed.

Before leaving Oregon, we wanted to check out a landmark in the city of Ashland. The city is mainly known for its natural source of Lithia water. Apparently back in the day, the town was planning on creating a big resort since Lithia water has many benefits but the project fell through and instead they installed a drinking fountain so anyone can try this ‘tasty’ water.

I’m kidding on the tasty part because the water is anything but tasty. It smells like rotten eggs and tastes like it too. It’s bubbly and after forcing myself to drink a huge gulp, I had to burp. If you get past the horrible smell and taste, you are getting many benefits from it such as: decrease stress and depression, increase in brain activity, lower blood pressure, and lower suicidal feelings just to name a few.

Despite all the positive things, I can’t get past the taste and smell. But like other things, everything in moderation. Too much lithia water can be bad as well.

We filled up an empty water bottle so our friends can try it themselves. We left Ashland and started the drive back home taking the 5 freeway South. Before reaching the freeway though, we took a small detour to check something else. It started to snow which I kinda got nervous again but I was the only car in the road so I took my time driving. I pulled up on the side of the road so we can play with the snow. It was a winter wonderland. I kinda got spooked when I saw a dog run up to us but it was friendly. The kids played a bit with the dog until its’ owner called it and he run on back. It started to get chilly so we hopped on the car and continued on the road. I can’t recall why we took this small detour but it was fun. The kids enjoyed it.

About 11 hours later, we made it home. It was a nice smooth drive with no traffic whatsoever. We arrived just after midnight. We were all tired from the long drive so we just went to bed. I dealt with the unpacking in the morning.

This road trip was awesome and the kids had so much fun. I have never been past San Francisco before and Northern California is so different from Southern California. It’s way more greener and wetter. I loved it. I think we experienced a little bit of everything. We got sun, rain, hail, gloom, and snow. I think my favorite was snow even though I get anxious when I drive but it’s just so beautiful.

California is a big long state and there’s more to it than just Los Angeles. I personally love North Cali than South Cali after seeing how much beautiful it is in my opinion. We stayed on PCH, Pacific coast Highway, on this trip. It would be great to check out the other side of California. I do want to check out Sequoia, Lassen, Death Valley, and Tahoe National Park on the next road trip. I’ve been to Yosemite before but the kids haven’t so maybe we’ll do a stop there.

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