NorCal Roadtrip🚘 3rd Stop: Glass Beach, Drive-thru Tree, & Confusion Hill

Day 3 of our road trip began at Glass Beach in the city of Fort Bragg. It was a windy day but that wasn’t going to stop us from checking out the beach.

We parked and follow the path to reach the shore. As we got closer, I noticed the floor wasn’t sand but a bunch of small rocks. Upon further inspection, I realized the shiny rocks is actually glass. What a fascinating thing.

The beach was almost empty since it was a Monday. The kids started looking around for shiny big pieces of glass. I read that there’s a part of the beach that has bigger glass pieces but I didn’t want to venture off.

This was on my bucket list and it didn’t disappoint. The history is a good example on how trash can become treasure. The town people used the ocean as their dumping site for trash. Eventually the pounding of the waves would smooth out the glass pieces creating shiny pretty pebbles. These shiny pebbles became souvenirs for people to take when they would visit the beach. Eventually all the big pieces were taken and all that’s left are the small tiny ones. I believe it’s illegal to take anything home.

We didn’t stick around much longer since it was really windy and cold. We got back in the car and kept driving north. Our destination was Redwood National Park but if we saw anything interesting along the way, we will stop to check it out, which we did. We saw a picture of a drive-thru tree attraction in the city of Leggett just off the 101 highway. I have never driven thru a tree so it was pretty cool. I forgot how much was the entrance but it wasn’t much. We got a coupon to use at their gift shop so we bought a souvenir.

We got back on the highway and another spot we stopped to check out was Confusion Hill. Unfortunately the place was closed that day but from what we saw outside, it’s an interesting place. I would have loved to check out their gravity house. I didn’t know at the time but the place is homage to the Disney show, Gravity Falls, which my daughter loves. The show is about the supernatural, fairytales, and myths and Confusion Hill has a little bit of that.

We left behind Gravity Falls, I mean Confusion Hill, and our last stop of the day was in Eureka. We were pretty tired so we checked-in to our room and called it a day. Besides Glass Beach, nothing else was planned out so it was a delight to run into 2 great places that the kids loved. Our next stop is Redwood National and State Park.

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