NorCal Roadtrip🚘 1st Stop: Golden Gate Bridge

Spring break came and went. The kids were off school for a week so we went on a road trip to Northern California to simply explore and check out new places.

Honestly I had a whole itinerary for this road trip but it went out the window when life occurs. All we knew was that our first stop would be to see the Golden Gate Bridge and then keep driving North. The plan was to leave at 7am from the house to avoid traffic. We left at 10am and got traffic getting out of Los Angeles. 7 hours later, we arrived at San Francisco. I think I was about 11 years old when my parents brought my brother and I to see the bridge. I’m 33 now and this would be the first time my kids see the bridge.

Our friend told us of a great spot to check out the bridge. It was about 5pm when we arrived and it was windy but luckily it was still daytime. The kids were a little tired from the drive but they did manage to wake up to see the sight.

After a few pictures, we went to another place our friend recommended. We walked around and saw the Yoda fountain which I thought was neat since I’m a fan of the Star Wars series.

We walked further down and we came upon The Palace of Fine Arts. It’s a beautiful structure which we stuck around a little to admire.

We were tired from today’s events. I started looking around for hotels to spend the night. Since we arrived on a Saturday, most of the one night stays were pricey around San Francisco. The cheapest location I found was in Oakland. The hotel wasn’t the best but it was only one night. We got food to-go, checked-in and called it a night.

We checked out the next day and went to see the Golden Gate Bridge from another viewpoint.

After a little sight seeing, we finally crossed the bridge to the other side. We went to Battery Spencer which I personally think is the best viewpoint of the bridge. There’s a fence placed on the edge for safety but upon close inspection, there are hundreds of love padlocks or love locks. It’s cute.

I wasn’t keen on going to Battery Spencer; it was my husband’s idea but I’m glad we did. The place has a little bit of history and that’s always a plus for us.

We got to see the Golden Gate Bridge from different spots and each one has a charm to it and sort of a different element as well. I only had one place in mind to see the bridge and then move on but thanks to my husband’s curiosity, we discovered other great view sights. Seeing something from a different perspective definitely brings that feeling as if you’re seeing it for the first time again. It leaves you feeling mesmerized and awed.

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